Uncommon Places for a Wedding

An Unusual Wedding Venue

Couples planning marriage ceremonies don’t always want traditional programs. Some want to make their own statements and create their own interpretations of the special day. Unusual wedding venue locations are for couples who want to make a statement about who they are or how they perceive their bonds.

Nature lovers may want to consider a local butterfly habitat, safari, or bird sanctuary. It may take some extra planning and it can only happen with permission of the property caretakers. But any of these choices can create wonderful memories and a magical place to exchange vows.

A museum or historical building can provide a backdrop with plenty of interest and detail. Beautiful stained glass windows and intricate architecture are some features of historical places. This option will also require some additional planning, but can create a rich backdrop, at a much lower cost than a posh hotel.

Many historical places will offer rental rates for special events. They make excellent backgrounds for photo sessions and provide a rich environment that can add interest to the occasion.

Music lovers may want to consider an outdoor musical festival as the setting for their nuptials. The couple may need to get permission from the event holders and set up a tent or gazebo for guests. But, such an event is not lacking in available entertainment.

A local, favorite band may even play for the event, for a small fee. Like other outdoor options, success of such an event will depend on the weather.

A castle is romantic, interesting, and can usually hold plenty of guests. Most castles are tourist attractions and many offer rates for weddings and other celebrations.

Stone walls may pose a challenge, when it comes to decorating. However, by using some creativity, alluring candles on tall stands, and making use of natural ivy, the setting can be very inviting and fun. The bride and groom could even wear king and queen costumes, for an even more imaginative ceremony.

A large natural cave can be very unique. Finding one large enough to hold guests may be a challenge. The couple will also want to consider any areas of running water, which can create hazards for guests. But, with the right mood lighting or strings of lighting, such an event can be exciting and memorable.

Unique Wedding Venue Ideas

A Waterfall can create a romantic outdoor background for a wedding ceremony. Not every couple is able to travel to Niagara Falls to get married, due to logistics. However, many states have natural places within parks, that boast an attractive waterfall setting, to create ambiance. Safety is always an issue with water, so any streams or rivers with running water should be inaccessible to small children (and intoxicated guests).

Those who like hiking and climbing may be able to find a resort at or near the top of a mountain. There are plenty of resorts nestled among national forests and landscapes. They often have rates for special events.

A rustic cabin resort is a great location for those who love the outdoors, with a natural background of tall pines or wooded areas. If food will be served at such an outdoor location, the couple will want to consider how they will deal with woodland creatures trying to snoop around for handouts.

The Golden Gate Bridge offers another option, for those who like city skylines and natural settings wrapped into one. The backdrop of gleaming water provides a romantic setting for the couple and their guests, particularly at night.

Animal lovers may prefer to exchange vows in an environment close to their hearts. If the first date was at a zoo or animal sanctuary, this may be the perfect place to get married.

There are plenty of interesting exhibits for creative photo opportunities. Of course, zoos may have plenty of rules to observe, so the animals are not upset by too much commotion and activity.

A lighthouse by the sea is an excellent choice, for couples who love the ocean and want a nautical theme. There are plenty of lighthouses along the East Coast of the U.S., with rich histories and crashing waves in the background. This option again requires consideration for safety, particularly if young children will be attending or alcohol will be served.

An Arabian tent may be an option, for those who want colorful settings, with a touch of romance and sophistication. Entertainment can consist of a snake charmer, dancers, or simply rely on plenty of jewels and lights in the decor to set the mood. Adding seating cushions instead of chairs can create a more authentic Arabian feel.

Regardless of the choice, there are plenty of alternatives to traditional settings for wedding ceremonies. Many are budget friendly, but require a bit more planning. However, couples shouldn’t be afraid to get creative in planning their ideal wedding venue, as the most desired setting can help create wonderful memories for the couple and guests.